Welcome to my new Website.

I hope to be able to provide Perth, Western Australia, with an alternative to the traditional Funeral pages.

Although I fully support our modern funeral homes, I would also love to see families take over the role of caring for the deceased and organising all the aspects of the funeral arrangements.

I have an interest in Eco-Natural Funerals and in allowing people to return to the old ways of dealing with death.

I trained as Funeral Celebrant in Perth but had an informal introduction to burial in Africa where death is not hidden away. The traditional African funeral is loud and celebratory, with the whole village becoming involved.

Many years ago, there was no such thing as a Funeral Home. Next of kin dealt with their loved one after they died. The body was laid out in the front parlour, family were encouraged to bathe their loved one and spend some time with him/herĀ beforeĀ he/she was taken away to be buried. Children, and adults alike, knew what a body looked like and death did not scare them.