Planning a memorial service

Many people are aware of the traditional services performed by Funeral Homes, but what many people are not aware of, are the many alternatives there are on offer.

For example, I am keen to allow people to grieve in their own way. One of the ways this can be done is to allow the family and friends to hold memorial services (with or without the presence of the deceased’s body).

I believe that it is important to remember that this is a life story however long or short the deceased may have lived! The Deceased has impacted your life, someone’s life, in some way! Let us tell that story and celebrate it with stories, song and dignified celebrations as they are laid to rest.

As with all journeys, planning is imperative.

There are a number of venues that I am aware of in the Swan Valley who are happy to host memorial services (or wakes as they used to be known). They will provide catering and beverage packages if required, for a set time period. Often this time will be far more generous than Funeral Homes and Crematoria may be able to offer. Family and friends will be able to celebrate the life of their loved one in relaxed and often beautiful surroundings with plenty of space for quiet contemplation if required.